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Our Updates

VigRX Plus!
30th November 2006
Our most well-known and highest-selling penis enlargement product of all time, VigRX, has just been improved! The new formulation which adds BioperineŽ and two new ingredients to the original VigRX formula offers men the next step to increase their penis size. Best of all this new formulation can be used by those that have used VigRX in the past to further enhance penis size. We strongly recommend you visit the VigRX Plus website, found in the penis enlargement section.

13th August 2006
This has to be one of the biggest product additions we've had in a while. Maxoderm presents itself as the ultimate male sexual enhancement system in a tube! It promises firmer, better quality errections and to help you boost your staying power! We recommend you take a look at Maxoderm in the penis enlargement section.

New Products!
25th March 2006
We've now got the new product Cig-Arette in the stop smoking section. If you're trying to kick the smoking habit, this one is well worth a look!

Feature article added!
8th Jaunary 2006
We've re-added the feature article. Now you'll find our highlighted article link right under the current website selection. Enjoy!

New sections!
5th January 2006
We've added stop smoking, skin care and pharmacutical drug sections to the Men's Health website. Aimed at offering you more information and advice. Please stay with us as we work to further develop these sections up to the standards you expect from our other sections.

Welcome to our new website!
29th Devember 2005
After over three years online, we've finally renovated our look with a new commitment to better server you - our loyal visitors! We hope you like the new look, and we look forward to you seeing all the new changes we've got in the coming months!

betterSEXmall launches daily specials!
12th December 2005
Amazing specials for people looking for sexual health products can now be found daily at the betterSEXmall! Each and every day they select several products from their extensive listing and offer exclusive specials! It's an easy way to save up to 25% on some products and allows you to buy your old favourites, or try new sexual health products at highly competitive prices!

Website Selection
Screenshot of website

Coming from seemingly nowhere, betterSEXmall offers some of the most extensive information about a complete range of sexual health products! Products are compared against one another head-on and there are thorough reviews and comprehensive additional information! Highly recommended!

Featured Article

Increase Sperm Count
Ever wanted to know how to boost the amount of sperm you produce? Thanks to MaxSperm you can get a free comprehensive guide to help increase your sperm count! These top ten tips come highly recommended - so get reading!

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